Research Projects

Shoemaker, J. (2007). Action Research Project. Nova Southeastern University. West Palm Beach, FL.


This action research project was designed to examine reading strategies for the lowest performing students in the school.  The low-level reading students required basic instruction in the basics of reading.  Ninety level one students in reading were examined using data analysis and explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Students received instruction in each of the four areas to increase their FCAT reading levels.  Results with average increases are provided. 

Shoemaker, J. (2009). Professional Leadership Development Report. Jones International University. West Palm Beach, FL


In this report, the author discusses a shared vision of learning he created as part of a cohort followed by an analysis of relevant literature, self-analysis, and goals for the future.  The author describes his journey through the process of creating a shared vision of learning, and he explains how the shared vision process related to his everyday career.  

Shoemaker, J. (2009). Professional Synthesizing Project. Jones International University. West Palm Beach, FL.


In this report, the author discusses a synthesizing research project implemented at Polo Park Middle School in Wellington, Florida. The author reviews the problem of meeting the needs of all learners. He gives a solution of learning more about students through a multiple intelligence survey administered to all students. Teachers can use the data gained from the survey to differentiate their instruction and best meet the needs of all students. Results of the survey are given. 


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